God & Government

July 22nd Rev. Barry Lynn, Executive Director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, speaks at IIC with a group of local religious and policy leaders.

Report on MAI’s refugee fair and iftar dinner

This Ramadan the Interchurch Center has been the host of several special interfaith iftars (breaking the fast with family and friends). Read about the Muslim Alliance of Indiana's event June 17th

A report from the OBAT interfaith iftar

June 7th the Interchurch Center hosted an interfaith iftar, a breaking of the Ramadan fast. It was organized by OBAT Helpers and attended by one of the most diverse groups of 80 people Central Indiana has seen

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Green Building, Green Community

The Indiana Interchurch Center is committed to leading the way in balancing environmental and spiritual values. It's reflected in the building itself and the groups that choose to make the building home.