A Call for Entries: Undocu-Challenges Art Show

The Indiana Undocumented Youth Alliance is seeking Hoosier artists, undocumented or documented, that have experienced undocu-­challenges to donate ​art work to be on display at the Interchurch Center


Meredith Howell "wants to begin a movement where blind patrons aren't inhibited by their sensory loss, ultimately making 'inclusion the norm' provoking visitors to have real conversations and interactions."

News stories on reVISION in the Interchurch Gallery

reVISION is a unique interactive art exhibit that was created specifically for art patrons who have blindness or low vision. Plus sleep shades to give those with sight an opportunity to experience the art differently.

An opportunity for spiritual direction

Explore and deepen your relation to the divine. The Center for Spiritual Direction is offering a chance to participate in three or four spiritual direction sessions as part of a practicum for a new spiritual director.